Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Coffee shop sketches

Here's a batch I've kept from Christmas vacation 2006.
At the time, I just finished a project at Propaganda Games/Buena Vista Games and had a line of sight of possibly moving on to help work with a friend's proposal for an up coming project. Therefore I wanted to create a few new sketches that I could show along with whatever I had as a portfolio.
Since I was on holidays, I spent my morning's sketching these up with a little help from Soma Cafe's strong americano's. Ahhhhhh I remember those days, my last of "much free time" before Adelaide was born a few weeks later :)

I did end up getting the job. Back at the Ol' EA mothership in Burnaby BC.

It's about time

So here I am. Having a bit of down time, surfing the web and catching up with old friends on MSN messenger.


I struck upon an old school mate's blog. It was wonderful to see what he's been up to all these years. Reading and looking at all his delicately articulated experiences, inspirations, findings, and most intriguing to me, artworks! And wow! His work is so true to his art and full of heart. Found myself floored by all the great images. I soon came across a conversation with another school mate friend who motivated me to start my own blog to share my artworks and adventures. With out much hesitation, I did just that. He'll be my first visitor I believe.


With now a venue to keep a personal journal and art collection. I can only hope to help inspire and motivate myself in creating more art, as well as sharing the little joys in my life with all of you who may be visiting.
Thanks goes to Jason Kim for getting me motivated.
My love Sharilyn will be proud of this when she finds out. She's been using a blog ever since I've met her and always encouraged me to create one of my own to share.

It’s about time :)