Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Character Designs

An character design for a TV show called Sanctuary.

Concept sketches for fun. Inspired by the Saul Bass print on my wall.

Character thumbs

Always fun to sketch in a thumbnail + rough form, especially when the sketches are left gestural, and at times using analog materials, markers, pen, pencils.
Some table scraps I dug up from past client works 2004-2006.

Not characters, but thumbnails for different guns. I figure I'll add this sheet to the post since they were done at the same time as the others above.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sneaker collage sketch

I did an oil pastel drawing for a friend's birthday present. Before attempting the final drawing, I had some cut and paste fun in Photoshop during a slow afternoon at work. Collage sneaker head vibe.

I decided to run with a traditional still life study. Classical vibe for a classic shoe.
I'll ask my buddy to send a photo of it to share.

Monday, March 29, 2010

bird birds

Here's an old 3D sketch I did as a study for a part of a graphic/illustration for a friend Goro Kumatsu and at the time, his sponsor, Sobut Snowboards in JDM land.
I wanted to see what a 3D vibe would feel like for part of a sketch I had done in ink. (reminding myself to find that sketch in the hard drives. 2003!)

These are a set of pictorial style illustrations of arctic birds I drew from back in the day. Marker on bond paper, and minutes from posting, I gave them some color and played with the drawings in Photoshop.... I couldn't resist.
Not sure why I put them on the back of the canvas...Perhaps it's a secret hidden treasure.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Off the clipboard

I had some time today to scan in some pages from my clipboard of sketches and notes. I then applied some color to them in Photoshop with out changing any of the doodles, leaving the lines on top and not edit. coloring is all one sitting, so I left the color scheme the same while I messed around with different executions.

So I know we all scribble and doodle during meetings right? well I know I do... So what I did back when working in-house was bring my clipboard with a few pages of scrap papers from lovelydesign to doodle on, rather then having little doodles here and there on handouts, printouts, spread sheets etc. I kept scribbling on the same pages, adding bits each time.

The sketches being unconscious, and pen on paper, the doodling brought back influences from my graffiti and college years.
A good friend and artist Josh Pong, who happens to be one of the best graffiti artists/drawers/designers I personally know, shared the same inspirations and influenced me a lot during those golden years as a freshmen at Sheridan college. To this day, I still see his influences in my skarty style sketches! He's the best, and buck bro, would love to work on a project together one day.

Anyhow here's 4 of them!

Level design demo

Last night's class we did a game production level design assignment. Here's the demo I managed to squeeze in the 90 minutes.
I'm no expert compared to the friends I know that tackle these tasks on the daily, but when given the chance, these assignments are fun to draw into.
Line art is fun! Just wish I could have done it on paper to get that pencil drawing comfort and accuracy.

Anytime I do level design work, it always reminds me of old Sheridan layout assignments.....

Warming up

A quick little sketch to warm up for work.

Friday, March 19, 2010

speed paint buddies

Did a speed paint session with a friend and fellow artist Luke Church for an in class demo.
A few random sketchy doodles during the session.
The two on the left are other older in class demo's Luke and myself jammed on.

This speed painting below was done with a friend and fellow artist, Daryl Mandryk. It's quite different from what we ended up with, but I felt like sketching a bit tonight and revisited the doodle.

Head Study

Found a bit of free time and did a head study last night from imagination.

I need to do more studies.....