Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More updates

Some more updates.
Again a mixture of sketches to get a hang of the statement we wanted to say, as well as trying out possible routes to chase.

Works from an unannouced title

Just got permission to share some selected works I did for an unannounced title!
Always cool to finally share a chunk of work when it's approved to post online.
I'll continue to add more sketches.

These were done to communicate a statement from simplifying it, abstract of in-game. I always have fun with studies like these for a chance to use some of that artistic expression outside of the everyday production sketches.

A few sketches where I went with a line art treatment. The sketches were done very early on in the project, and I wanted to see if a lighter feel could work with the core concept at the time.

Candy alien sketches

Here are some sketches of weird, highly organic alien beings. I went for a CANDY feel in these, inspired by retro sci-fi vibes, while trying contemporary shapes.
Space is colorful in these concepts! saturated colors in the world to separate from the normal black, as well as adding in gases, clouds, planets, anything I could think of that can help define distance and orientation.

Below are some thumbnail sheets I played around with.