Monday, December 29, 2008

Blast from the past

Originally posted in an older blog where I separated personal works with industry related works. Ultimately, with encouragement, I'm deciding to have it all in one blog rather than two.

The following sketches were done when inspiration and motivation was flowing, found myself always in my sketchbooks doodling.

Drawings from the wonderful pages of lovelydesign journey books.

Sketchbook center page from yet another lovelydesign book.

Ink and watercolor sketches in the park and off a beach in a small town British Columbia.

A collection of a few oil pastels on cardboard. These were created to be showcased in an group art show in Germany at the time.

Billy, Freddie, and George at the top are 18x24 charcoal sketches and the bottom image is a pen drawing that I played around with in Photoshop. These were both showcased in a book "Sketchbook Black and White" and was later shown at a local art show.

Paper, ink, and Photoshop was used to create these images. These were shown in a book "Cats and Dogs" and the city scape image was shown at a local art show.

City Sketches from the sketchbook that somehow made into Photoshop. The top image was sketched on Robson Street in Vancouver when I first arrived in the city just after school. The bottom image is from studies for a friend's skateboard design.

These two were done for an book and art show called 8-bit. They asked for a take on a old school video game, and this is what I handed to them. These now live in a home in Vancouver.

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