Tuesday, December 30, 2008

SSX On Tour

SSX on Tour was probaly the most fun I've had on a project to date. Their art team asked me to help give the presentation of the product a hand with art works that resembled a high school rocker wannabe glam shredder!

My friend Rich Curren was the art director responsible for pushing such a daring flavor to this franchise and to the gaming world. Like it or not, we all went for it!
Now we got to remember that at the time when this product came out, there was nothing like it yet towards presentation in gaming. The loosely drawn day dreaming skart style was already an progressive art movement from skate artists, graffiti artists, and to do justice, my own personal voice and friends I grew up with, had not reached the malls yet.
Speaking of which, I actually got my friend Dennis Chow aka GLAM, a true school rocker with a knack for this type of artwork to jam with me and Rich!
I remember rifling off sketch book after sketch book packed with funny little doodles in all types of styles in wacky dispositions. Even took the time at the end to layout an art book for all the drawings!

Heres a few pages from that book.

Below is the intro movie for the game. Some how, I ended up doing all the drawings, poses, initial boards and provided any other 2D support to pull this off. Luckily the best video team I've worked with had a blast animating it all! Props go to Clint Jorgenson, Craig McKewin, Rich Curren, Mark Raham for putting this and the many many other movies together with their magic! We were known as the band. Now a days we're all so busy working on separate projects and places we barely see one another anymore. I guess we'll always have our memories!


bert said...

These are my favorites from you:) Thanks for opening up a blog so I can finally check out your stuff.

itressl said...

Love your art style. I'm interested in graffiti and cartoon sketches and currently doing them at school.
-Ben :)

Nicole Standard said...

One of my favorite intros to a game. Great work!!

matilda said...

these are awesome! i just spent half an hour trying to find out who made the drawings and artwork for the ssx menus because it's brilliant, i really love the style :)

Clif_Bar said...

PLEASE respond to me at maplestoryway@yahoo.com! Is their a way I can buy a book displaying all the art from the game? I LOVE the art style and I just found this blog and if this is legit please reply! :)

Guillermo Nuñez Mugerza said...

where is the artwork book sold?
respond to guillenmugerza@gmail.com please