Thursday, December 23, 2010


WIRED magazine a few months back asked to see if I can help contribute an video game Concept Art looking sketch for their PLAY section of their January 2011 issue.
The above image is cropped for their ipad format prior to an last minute editor's revision.
I will update this post with the print format page with type, and headings they layed out to relate to the colored lights on the ships and story more clearly.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Old Timey Dave

An old timey portrait of my friend Dave Galloway who just returned to town.
I like the way it feels, humorous. I have a craving now to do some portraits of peeps I know.

The good fellas.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Hot off the press!
Here's an update of some commissioned art works I did for WIRED magazine a couple months back that just got published in their print and digital i-pad format, September 2010 issue.

The creative team at WIRED asked if I could do some submissions based off a similar art style as some concept sketches I have done in the past, using mixed media techniques.
Overall it was a fun + humbling experience doing an print-illustration assignment in this particular style. Definitely a change of pace from the everyday concept sketches I'm used to doing.

cover submission

feature opener

thumbnails + roughs

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Aside from being busy with client work lately, I have recently been invited to contribute some art works to a digital painting magazine called ImagineFX. Based off some spacecraft designs from my past, they wanted to do a "development" section in their issue to showcase my process. So I generated a new set of designs, and re-purposed some assets to have fun with.

Nimble, Compact, Critter, Explosive.

Here are the 3 development images I submitted. Overall, it was fun to sketch ships again, and as usual, I would love to expand the design further with more time. Not exactly sure what issue the article will be in, but I'll be sure to post when it hits the stands.

thumbnail studies

concept sketches

model-sheet format

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Working in-game

Here is a set of sketches were I worked with 3D environment artist to describe a section of their level.
I used their camera fly through to help determine which pockets of the level needed to be designed out to help the 3D artist make a run for it, all with-in the capacity of available artists and time to complete the level.

Also attached here is a sheet of street props and small destruct-able objects.

Just like my earlier post, certain assets needed to be removed from the sketches, I'm missing the main focus it once had with the main character in the shots.

Environment Design Sketches

Here's a few environment design concepts to add to the unannounced AAA title posts.

At the time, some major influences came from art deco style LA buildings, multi-level settings, and the metaphors I described in some of my abstract-ish studies in my earlier posts.
These turned out a bit more on the romantic side. I have a few other takes with different vibes of buildings and mood, but this set felt nicely wrapped together.

There were some minor editing, such as painting out signage and main characters in the scene to be authorized to post publicly. I did my best to quickly patch it up a bit.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More updates

Some more updates.
Again a mixture of sketches to get a hang of the statement we wanted to say, as well as trying out possible routes to chase.

Works from an unannouced title

Just got permission to share some selected works I did for an unannounced title!
Always cool to finally share a chunk of work when it's approved to post online.
I'll continue to add more sketches.

These were done to communicate a statement from simplifying it, abstract of in-game. I always have fun with studies like these for a chance to use some of that artistic expression outside of the everyday production sketches.

A few sketches where I went with a line art treatment. The sketches were done very early on in the project, and I wanted to see if a lighter feel could work with the core concept at the time.

Candy alien sketches

Here are some sketches of weird, highly organic alien beings. I went for a CANDY feel in these, inspired by retro sci-fi vibes, while trying contemporary shapes.
Space is colorful in these concepts! saturated colors in the world to separate from the normal black, as well as adding in gases, clouds, planets, anything I could think of that can help define distance and orientation.

Below are some thumbnail sheets I played around with.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Character Designs

An character design for a TV show called Sanctuary.

Concept sketches for fun. Inspired by the Saul Bass print on my wall.

Character thumbs

Always fun to sketch in a thumbnail + rough form, especially when the sketches are left gestural, and at times using analog materials, markers, pen, pencils.
Some table scraps I dug up from past client works 2004-2006.

Not characters, but thumbnails for different guns. I figure I'll add this sheet to the post since they were done at the same time as the others above.