Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Working in-game

Here is a set of sketches were I worked with 3D environment artist to describe a section of their level.
I used their camera fly through to help determine which pockets of the level needed to be designed out to help the 3D artist make a run for it, all with-in the capacity of available artists and time to complete the level.

Also attached here is a sheet of street props and small destruct-able objects.

Just like my earlier post, certain assets needed to be removed from the sketches, I'm missing the main focus it once had with the main character in the shots.


RAWLS said...

wow man. These and the last posting are amazing!! You're a genius!! You can do all my work for me from now on!

EDUARDO peña said...

hey man really inspiring,, this works>>

Downtown Girl said...

Came here from lovely design blog.
I have to say you are such a talented person!! Everything you drew is so WOW.

Have a great day.