Thursday, April 14, 2011


Recently, a hand full of sketches have been published in EGM, Game Reactor, and PSM3 as part of EA's SSX relaunch of the franchise. At the time of these sketches, EA wanted a Survive it! themed direction, along side Race it! and Trick it! as the game's main pillars.

Since working on the project, there were tons of designs and concept sketches from myself and the group of artist friends, working together under the banner of Mighty Canvas Concept Studio, serving as EA's concept art vendor. ( Andrew Domachowski, Goran Bukvic, Daryl Mandryk, Chris Bourassa, Luke Church, John Yip ) I'll post more to share when images go public.

For now, here's a few Survive it! themed designs + sketches done in around, and for the release of SSX's teaser video in winter 2010. Goran, Andrew, and myself.


patio said...

wow, the mighty canvas studio is killing it! good to see the new work.

Fhazal Aznan said...

charles guan im officially you fan! i love all your art..hope 1 day you can design for me something for as a gift for community.. im in love with all your art..especially Spaceship concepts ...

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