Saturday, April 16, 2011

SSX Characters

SSX cast line-up

Ty Thorsen

Tane Mumea

Griff Simmons

Alexis Moreau

Moby Jones

Zoe Payne

Elise Riggs

Kaori Nishidake

Mac Fraser

Psymon Stark

Working with the team of artist's mentioned in the prior posts, Daryl Mandryk, Chris Bourassa, Andrew Domachowski, and myself jammed together on the designs of the new SSX cast that have been recently annouced!

EA's SSX blog has the cast details. The process work above was put together by the team and shown here. I'll update when there's more.


Societal Sanity Selection said...

as a HUGE fan of the series, I was originally "lamed out" by the direction, but the designs are so well done and aged, I'm curious...

Lilih Prilian Ari Pranowo said...

I don't know what it's?

SteveBrad said...

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