Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Working in-game

Here is a set of sketches were I worked with 3D environment artist to describe a section of their level.
I used their camera fly through to help determine which pockets of the level needed to be designed out to help the 3D artist make a run for it, all with-in the capacity of available artists and time to complete the level.

Also attached here is a sheet of street props and small destruct-able objects.

Just like my earlier post, certain assets needed to be removed from the sketches, I'm missing the main focus it once had with the main character in the shots.

Environment Design Sketches

Here's a few environment design concepts to add to the unannounced AAA title posts.

At the time, some major influences came from art deco style LA buildings, multi-level settings, and the metaphors I described in some of my abstract-ish studies in my earlier posts.
These turned out a bit more on the romantic side. I have a few other takes with different vibes of buildings and mood, but this set felt nicely wrapped together.

There were some minor editing, such as painting out signage and main characters in the scene to be authorized to post publicly. I did my best to quickly patch it up a bit.