Thursday, March 25, 2010

Off the clipboard

I had some time today to scan in some pages from my clipboard of sketches and notes. I then applied some color to them in Photoshop with out changing any of the doodles, leaving the lines on top and not edit. coloring is all one sitting, so I left the color scheme the same while I messed around with different executions.

So I know we all scribble and doodle during meetings right? well I know I do... So what I did back when working in-house was bring my clipboard with a few pages of scrap papers from lovelydesign to doodle on, rather then having little doodles here and there on handouts, printouts, spread sheets etc. I kept scribbling on the same pages, adding bits each time.

The sketches being unconscious, and pen on paper, the doodling brought back influences from my graffiti and college years.
A good friend and artist Josh Pong, who happens to be one of the best graffiti artists/drawers/designers I personally know, shared the same inspirations and influenced me a lot during those golden years as a freshmen at Sheridan college. To this day, I still see his influences in my skarty style sketches! He's the best, and buck bro, would love to work on a project together one day.

Anyhow here's 4 of them!

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