Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Works from an unannouced title

Just got permission to share some selected works I did for an unannounced title!
Always cool to finally share a chunk of work when it's approved to post online.
I'll continue to add more sketches.

These were done to communicate a statement from simplifying it, abstract of in-game. I always have fun with studies like these for a chance to use some of that artistic expression outside of the everyday production sketches.

A few sketches where I went with a line art treatment. The sketches were done very early on in the project, and I wanted to see if a lighter feel could work with the core concept at the time.


RAWLS said...

SIIIICK! wow, Charles... these are beautiful man!! Can you teach me how to draw please?!?! How's the fam by the way? We need to stay in touch better.

Goran Bukvic aka CrazyBrush said...

Ya man! Great sense of scale here!
Damn, would have been so good...

Charles Guan said...

Goran- these were very early sketches. I'm just waiting for the later works to post... :D

Rawls- thanks for the treats! the girls are doing just great! I have our "family" blog listed. lovelydesign.