Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More updates

Some more updates.
Again a mixture of sketches to get a hang of the statement we wanted to say, as well as trying out possible routes to chase.


RAWLS said...

These are fantastic man. And I checked out your wife's/family blog... dude, she gets hundreds visitors and comments!!! Astonishing! How does she do it?!?

Charles Guan said...

Hey Rawls,

Thanks for the treats again.

Shari's been blogging for years. From live journal days, before migrating over to blogger. Most of the peeps that follow her blog are mainly customers and fans of her products, and peeps inspired by Shari's experiences with Adelaide as they grow up together.
Shari was the one who actually got me off my butt and start sharing works online after many years. I'm doing my best lately to update.

Goran Bukvic aka CrazyBrush said...

Very nice Charles!
I love loose sketchy cityscapes that feel extremely detailed, but are not. Props brother!

VINOD MORE said...

this is mind blowing job my friend,,,
so much of fantastic work here!!! i love the environmental concept art a lot cause i do the same.... extremely brilliant stuff... i would request you to visit my blog as well and give me some review.... gr8 meeting you here...

Stephen Noble said...

Wicked Concepts Charles, Good to see what you are up to these days. I will have to stop in more often.

Take care buddy!!!

HarshMellow said...

Brilliant as always, Charles. You're a gift to the art world. Thanks for all your sharing and input... rock and roll!!!