Thursday, August 26, 2010


Hot off the press!
Here's an update of some commissioned art works I did for WIRED magazine a couple months back that just got published in their print and digital i-pad format, September 2010 issue.

The creative team at WIRED asked if I could do some submissions based off a similar art style as some concept sketches I have done in the past, using mixed media techniques.
Overall it was a fun + humbling experience doing an print-illustration assignment in this particular style. Definitely a change of pace from the everyday concept sketches I'm used to doing.

cover submission

feature opener

thumbnails + roughs


l o v e l y d e s i g n said...

I think that they look fantastic. And I think that you are fantastic, too! xox sharilyn

andrew domo said...


Billy Wimblett said...

Awesome stuff! You have so much detail in these it's amazing :)

Cindy S. Hsu said...

this is sick!

Clint Morris said...

You reek....of talent. Amazing and inspiring man.

Bradley Cayford said...

hmmmm....sick as always, Mr. Guan.

patio said...

i knew i recognized the style.

patio said...

i knew i recognized the style.