Monday, December 29, 2008

Quick excercise

I gave myself an quick exercise in breaking down an existing design with a broad problem statement to come up with something ownable that is still related to it's origin.

1st Sketch is usually the most generic, but needed to get it put down on paper and out of my system.
2nd and 3rd started to abstract from it's source quite dramatically, becoming more playful and stylized with personality peeking through.
By the 4th sketch, I felt it was so far removed from the original reference that it became its own identity, within a thin line; retaining the believability of an automobile.
Keeping in mind, the renders were picked out from a few pages of thumbnail sketches, one take at a time.

Overall, I was pleased with the quick exercise and had fun!
I wonder what their world is like? The characters that live in that world? Starting to fantasize about it......

Oh by the way! I love Subaru Impreza's! :)

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