Monday, December 1, 2008

My favorite exercise

My favorite exercise!

Ever since my times at Sheridan college, I remember how much life drawing was a key component in my life. Going 5-6 times a week! sometimes even more during portfolio grading deadlines during school, hoping for a keeper here and there while conning myself not to care.
I kept the life drawing up 2 sessions a week when I first moved to Vancouver and slowly tappered into once a week when time got more scarce.

Now a days, I'll love to find time to keep the drawing up, been challenging since adjusting to parenthood. But I wouldn't miss Adelaide's baby year's for anything :)
Perhaps it's time to blow the dust off my charcoal case, flex that muscle again, and making marks for no one but myself for a bit of exhale from the reality of working in a production studio.

These gestures are dated from a few sessions in winter 2005

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Sam Amanfi said...

dam,these r awesome. it's cool that u went to sheridan, i'm currently studying there.