Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Woke up this morning to a call from a friend saying some old spaceship sketches were featured on a website called The feature is HERE.

I had no idea?! so it was a nice surprise over a morning coffee. The images were obviously taken off this older blog post on here I thought? But then I discovered that it was actually from someone had posted on here Conceptships blog.

Flattered, unworthy, and dumb founded.


John Xero said...

I followed you here from the concept ships blog. SF/ fantasy art often inspires my writing.

I thought your stuff was awesome, looking forward to more of it coming up in my feed... =)

Particularly liked Tire Swing. =)

Tyler said...

I was just looking on there and saw them...then came here. my favourite is the one with the workers in the foreground.

Jeremiah said...

Hi, Could I please use some of the images in this post for a template design I am working on? I will make sure to credit you and add a link back to your blog or portfolio site.