Saturday, April 2, 2011


Kinect Adventures! was the showcase launch title for Microsoft's Kinect hardware debut. I was asked to help with some concept designs for the game back in November 2009 and into the beginning of 2010. With design objectives evolving around fun and optimism, it was a pleasure to work on! Above are wrapper concepts that the team's creative director, Darren Bennett, and myself jammed on as my first assignment on the project. At the time, the team knew roughly what gameplay features and type of games were going to make up the gameplay experience, but the project did not yet have an authorized direction to have everything drive towards. The Avateers! was the one chosen out of the bunch, and it drove the overall creative direction for everything onwards.
Introducing the Avateers! From here on, I worked closely with Good Science Studio's art department, David Galloway, Ryan Hastings, and Mike Spalding. Below are a few of the ideas we played around for interactive critters, vehicles, trophies etc! all in true spirits of an fun adventure theme.


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wow, those are fantastic man!! That's a lot of work!!

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